Sunday, 20 May 2012

HBO's Rome: The Drinking Game

So I wanted to start my new blog with something impressive. For weeks I put off writing anything because nothing I'd done recently seemed worth anyone's attention. Then my housemates cleared out for a weekend in London and I had a few friends around for afternoon cocktails and HBO's Rome.

Then we invented the Rome drinking game.

For anyone who wants to inflict this on themselves the rules are below, although iff you're pushed for time you could probably get the same effect from punching yourself repreatedly in the liver.



...every time you see a naked person

...every time you see people having sex

...if Octavian's in an uncomfortable situation (including ones he causes)

...the Vorenii are dysfunctional

...any time a characteris referred to by theri full name (e.g. Lucius Vorenus, Atia of the Julii)

...any time the Thirteenth are mentioned

Down your drink:

...if you are drinking an Orgasm/Screaming Orgasm when a character orgasms on screen

We survived three episodes of this y'all. I'd include the Buffy drinking game we made up next but honestly my only memory of it is yelling things like 'Willow's using too much magic!' or 'Giles is concerned!' and, of course, the good old staple 'EVERYBODY DRINK!'

Can you think of a rule we missed? Have you made a drinking game of your own? Were you there? Are you a neighbour after my blood? Comments, queries and complaints all welcome.

Unless you were actually there. I think it's probably best we don't speak of that night ever again...

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