Sunday, 1 July 2012

Goodbye June...

So I came up with the idea of doing a kind of monthly round up to share all the cool stuff I find on the internet without a bunch of spammy mini-posts.

Things I've had published:

This article on the Kingkiller Chronicles on Mookychick.

Song(s) I've been listening to non stop:

Pretty lyrics and catchy as all hell. I remember my dad telling me about the Lady of Shalott and being really quite freaked out about the idea of someone being locked up for their whole life in one room and not even being able to look out of the window for fear of instant death.

Cool stuff I found on the internet:

Yes, I know it's another video but if you know anything about ASOIAF and/or Game of Thrones you HAVE to watch this. The George R.R. Martin costumes make it for me.

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