Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Why Cersei Lannister and Ravenna (SWatH) are the Same Person

[Mild spoilers for both, including the ASOIAF series.]

1) They're both stunning power hungry blondes who clearly share a dress maker.

2) Watch the scene where Ravenna kills the king and tell me it wouldn't work if someone auto-corrected the names to Cersei and Robert.

3) You wouldn't want to take a drink off either of them. Especially if you're married to them. Or (in Ravenna's case) if it's milk...

4) Both ladies have no problem bathing in front of their twin brother.

5) Both brothers will eventually be attracted to women a bit more... militant.

6) A lot of the crap that happens in Dance With Dragons could have been avoided if Cersei wasn't worried about a younger, prettier queen taking her her place. Too bad she doesn't know which one. So clearly they share a common interest.

7) They use ravens to gather information... albeit in different ways.

8) Neither of them can bring people back from the dead. Yet.

And a few reasons why they're not:

1) Jaime Lannister has amazing hair. Finn... not so much.

2) Cersei alienates her allies and appoints dangerous people to power because a) she's arrogant; b) no one ever taught her how to rule a country. At least Varys likes her. Ravenna just drains the life force of her enemies and devours their hearts. I know the actress playing Magaery Tyrell was a little older than expected but I don't think it's fair to say she's gone the way of Greta just yet.

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