Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things I Learnt at the Olympics

Like a lot of people, I went kind of crazy posting about the Olympics opening ceremony.  I actually got invested this year, mostly because the opening ceremony was so unexpectedly fantastic (I was expecting it to be behind the times because...well we're Britain). Needless to say it blew my mind. And that's before we started winning. (For a small country like Britain, third place behind two major super powers *is* winning. Plus we beat long-time rivals France and Australia so...)

Here's a small selection of some of my thoughts on the farmers, dancing nurses and the man who gave away the internet.

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics Hospital is a scary place. Especially if Sir Danny Boyle designed it. #OlympicOpeningCeremony

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics Suffragettes make me tear up #EarlyCareerAspirations #ThatBoatSailedAWhileAgo

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics Mary Poppins is our cavalry #OrShouldThatBeAirForce

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics I take back everything I ever said about Daniel Craig being too serious as James Bond #ParchutingWithTheQueen

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics Monarchy is the way to go.

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics There are a LOT more countries in the world than I had previously thought.

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics "Does Richard Branson own them yet?" #TheVirginIslands #CommentaryByMyMum

@Kate_T_Taylor: #ThingsILearntAtTheOlympics All the flags in the world ever.

There were a lot more than that but most of them were hysterical 'OMFG LOOK AT THE CAULDRON!!!' kind of things and a blizzard of retweets I didn't want to reproduce without being sure of the Twitter ettiquette (Twettiquette?)

I'll put a proper retrospective post up on Wednesday after I've watched the closing ceremony but I wanted to put something Olympics-related up on the day.

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