Wednesday, 17 October 2012

North East Feminist Gathering 12

Alternate title: Remember when this blog used to be about writing?

So this weekend I was at the first North East Feminist Gathering. It was a lot of fun: there was feminist drumming and feminist poetry and all kinds of things that are not inherantly feminist but were a nice break inbetween the sessions of reproductive rights and grassroots activism. Caitlin Moran was not there, which is surprising considering how often she's been featured on this blog recently. In writing news, I wrote a pantoum* which was actually quite good but which may be appearing as part of my MRes portfolio so won't be appearing online at this time until I work out how that affects my copyright.

Anyway, having been doing that all weekend I haven't had much time for blogging, so here is picture of a heavy horse sculpture from Glasgow.

*an Indonesian form of poetry, featuring patterned repetition.

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