Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Remembering When This Was A Writing Blog?

So. There's been a lot of posts about issues really. Feminism, internet privacy, that time I met Caitlin Moran. If you follow this blog because you wanted to see my writing you may be disappointed*. I could write something impassioned about activism and the importance of standing up for what you believe in but to be honest the whole reason this posts exists is that people are probably getting sick of that sort of thing so instead I'm going to let Chumbawamba explain it in the medium of song.

The world is a scary place. The recession doesn't seem to be going away. The Tories are in power in England and things aren't looking great for the Democrats in the US. Reproductive rights are under attack. To many girls of my generation have had misogynistic jokes so ingrained that they believe they don't need feminism, even though they aren't entirely sure what it is. Roughly century after the Suffragettes we still have to fight over issues like 'rape jokes aren't funny' or 'maybe don't slut-shame a twelve year old'.

I don't like this. Of course I don't. It's exhausting. Given the choice I'd rather write about the books I love (or love to hate) and the latest film to come out of Hollywood and the book I'm writing. Those things make me angry. Facing up to issues make me sad and angry and powerless. I don't do it because I like it. I do it because I'm afraid if I don't then nothing will change. I'm not especially influential and I don't even have all the answers. But I hope by challenging sexist language and making a fuss on Twitter I'll start a series of ripples that'll start in making someone think and, years later, contribute to equal pay, reproductive rights and an end to the stupid sexist language we block out or even contribute to every day.

And then I can sing about love.

*And I say that to both my followers.

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